Call of Duty for Dummies: Zombies Universe

Another holiday season approaching, another Call of Duty game inbound. A Call of Duty game releasing brings me a subtle much needed normalcy in this hell that is 2020. (It’s almost over ya’ll!) Which most importantly means: ZOMBIES. Now listen, I have always loved the Zombies mode in Call of Duty, and i knew there were things like “easter eggs” that needed completion. But it … Continue reading Call of Duty for Dummies: Zombies Universe

Lovecraft Country

By: Breezy Carter Lovecraft Country HBO’s new sci-fi horror series, where anything that this black family encounters could be it’s greatest threat. Monsters? Racism? Generational Trauma? It covers a lot. Let’s unpack. I want to start by saying that, this show is definitely one to add to your watch list. However, trigger warnings need to be shown before each episode. Colorism, Racism, Violence, Homophobia, Transphobia, … Continue reading Lovecraft Country

Netflix THRILLS: The Devil All The Time

I was searching through movie tabs on twitter when I saw “The Devil All The Time” and remembered I made a post a few weeks back about the upcoming thriller. The star studded cast was the main eye grabber, with Tom Holland, Robert Pattinson & Bill Skarsgård in a crime thriller?! Sign me up. A midwestern gothic about a serial killer couple, a faith-testing preacher … Continue reading Netflix THRILLS: The Devil All The Time

Netflix Chills: #Alive

Happy Alive day! If you’re reading this, that means you can celebrate. Staying alive has gotten slightly more difficult these days, and with the more work and precautions we’ve been taking to do that, I think it’s safe to say we deserve some entertainment to boost morale. Now if we’re staying on theme with 2020 plagues, the constant feeling of dread and the end of … Continue reading Netflix Chills: #Alive