Lovecraft Country

By: Breezy Carter

Lovecraft Country HBO’s new sci-fi horror series, where anything that this black family encounters could be it’s greatest threat. Monsters? Racism? Generational Trauma? It covers a lot. Let’s unpack. I want to start by saying that, this show is definitely one to add to your watch list. However, trigger warnings need to be shown before each episode. Colorism, Racism, Violence, Homophobia, Transphobia, etc. All the ism’s. But it is definitely worth watching and having discussions with family and friends. The show is centered around Atticus Freeman, who finds out that he is a distant relative of Titus Braithwaite, and founded the Sons of Adam – a cult obsessed with the Garden of Eden and Immortality.
“Lovecraft” fully integrates a noxious real-life history into its fantastical narrative — and reminds us how little some things have changed in the six decades since the story’s setting. But its goal appears to be to scare us into having fun, something it achieves. With it’s shocking and raw, and sometimes traumatizing content, it still finds it’s way to leave me wanting more, and yearning for next week’s episode. All in all, this show is a win for HBO and a win for black people. The topics discussed on screen are extremely hard, yet necessary.. And it’s important that we see this black family shine on screen, while navigating a Jim Crow America. With only the finale remaining, it will be interesting to see what happens to Atticus and how is he able to release the mystical grasp of Christina Braithwhite.

Watch the trailer to Lovecraft Country below:

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